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slumber in the fandom
6 October

Slumber is a college student who really wants to write, but has to take a business course instead, so she compromises by trying to write fic and scraping by on that business course. That hasn't been too effective, as she only has four HP fics thus far (and plenty of unfinished ones) and she is still hanging by a thread on that business course she never wanted to take in the first place. Slumber thinks that she should prioritize, finally.

Hence, this journal.

Slumber believes a writing journal will help her write more, thus at least justifying any and all barely passing marks she might get in the future. (What, study instead? Slumber? Nay!) She reasons that if this journal exists, then she will have to be forced to write, and if she keeps writing, then she will have become productive in ways studying in college will not provide.

She also wishes to rec properly, once she gets back to reading fics as much as she used to before, and have a place to post her icons in.

Her personal journal is slumber.

What Slumber Writes:

Slumber writes (and reads) anything, which is why though she has her OTPs (H/D, D/B!B, R/Hr), she may not write about them so much. She is in the middle of a year-long personal challenge to write fic for any and all pairings that she ships, thus possible fics may include Harry/Charlie, Harry/Zacharias, Draco/Zacharias, Padma/Boy!Blaise, Hermione/Luna, and Remus/Sirius. Wish Slumber plenty of luck, as she has a tendency to procrastinate.

Slumber is also terribly fascinated with femmeslash, and wishes to explore this side of the fandom. She might make use of this journal to dabble in femmeslash and find her femmeslash OTPs, because really, Hermione/Luna is just one ship and Hermione/Ginny does not appeal to her, but she thinks Bellatrix seems promising.

She used to write Gundam Wing fiction, and you can find her in FF.N under the username "Hanako Miyuki".

Her Harry Potter fics are here and here.

Current Fascinations:

There is no het or slash or femmeslash in Slumber's vocabulary. While it's true that she leans towards slash usually (well she did start out as a slasher primarily), she likes ships based on possible or palpable character interactions and dynamics. She also has a fascination for rather obscure characters. She currently ships Blaise/Theodore, Justin/Terry, Zacharias/Hermione, Draco/Blaise, Draco/Theodore, Hermione/Luna, Terry/Michael, Blaise/Ron, Ron/Pansy, Pansy/Ginny, Pansy/Cho, Draco/Zacharias, Harry/Zacharias, Harry/Theodore, etc.

Her favorite character to play around with is Blaise Zabini, but Terry Boot and Zacharias Smith come as close seconds.

Friending Policy:

Slumber will friend people who write fic, particularly in the HP fandom. They aren't expected to friend her back, but of course anyone who friends Slumber will be loved. Slumber's pretty lax about friending policies, so friend Slumber and you'll be friended. Yay for world peace.


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